3. floor to sell or to let 

Solution for companies with many non-Debrecen employees.
The lievable office building

Where the team is always together

Office during the day, home during the night

The essence of the Home & Office concept is to provide a company with a space that can accommodate its non-Debrecen employees in a single corridor in apartments that can be used as office during the dayand home during the night. A company that rents apartments in different parts of the city for their non-Debrecen employees would have the opportunity to reduce the administrative burden in renting apartments and provide a cost- and work-effective high-quality solution to their non-Debrecen employees.

The third, attic floor of the building contains thirteen 30 m 2 well-lit studio apartments, which open from a common corridor. The hotel-like apartments can be turned into offices during working hours. The office space is suitable for individual or teamwork. 12 of the apartments can be connected in pairs to allow for joint work, while one apartment only has one entrance from the corridor, so it can be ideal to serve as a meeting room. The doors dividing the interconnecting apartments are soundproofed which provide perfect separation and allow the workplace to turn into an apartment with a hotel-like atmosphere outside working hours. If used connected, the apartments can even meet the needs of a couple with children.

There is also a guest room and a laundry room on the floor. Each unit has a central vacuum connection, and the windows are equipped with a rain sensor with electric closing. Every apartment can be equipped with a kitchen, as preferred.

The total floor area of ​​the property is 470 m 2 with exclusive use.

The floor has the ability to adapt to changing needs in its function and is therefore an excellent investment. The Home & Office can be used as an office in state of emergency and once it`s over, as a commercial accommodation or as flats for rent or sale, in separate parts or as a whole.

Attic floor plan

Szoba - Room; Konyha - Kitchen; Fürdő - Bathroom; Közlekedő - Corridor; Iroda - Office; Központi Porszivoó - Central Vacuum Cleaner; Tetőtér- Attic; Mosokonyha - Laundry Room; Szobaasszony - Housemaid's closet

Equipment included:

  • Central air-conditioning
  • Elevator with barrier-free access and with code
  • Rain-sensing automatized windows with blinds
  • Individually metered room units with computerized reading system
  • Showers with thermostats; rimless toilets
  • Stylish bathrooms
  • Possibility to build in a kitchen in all units
  • Central vacuum cleaner